5 Quick Steps to Prepare Yourself for Testifying as an Expert Witness

by Editorial Team
Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Prepare Yourself for Testify as an Expert Witness

The process of testifying as an Expert Witness can be intimidating for many people. However, with preparation and practice, you can feel more confident and comfortable when testifying at trial.

When you are deposed, the opposing attorney will be asking questions about your background and qualifications. You will also be questioned about the case and may be asked to explain your opinions.

During your deposition, it's important that your answers are clear, concise, and well-organized. Being well-prepared for the deposition will help you answer the questions in a logical manner without stumbling over your words or getting flustered.

To prepare yourself for a deposition as an expert witness, be sure to follow these suggestions:

1) Review your Testimony in Advance

If possible, review all of your written materials before the deposition so that they are fresh in your mind. The more familiar you are with what you'll say on the stand during the deposition, the less likely it is that a lawyer will catch you off guard by asking something unexpected or unfamiliar.

In addition to testifying about what you know, you may also be asked to interpret documents or discuss technical details of your field.

Review all documents that support your testimony. If possible, bring copies with you of these documents to review during breaks in the proceedings or between sessions with opposing counsel if there are multiple days scheduled for depositions.

2) Be Prepared for Questions Qbout Your Qualifications

Write down all relevant information about yourself and your qualifications as an expert witness before the deposition. Include this information on an index card or list so it's available at all times during the deposition. Be sure that you are familiar with everything that is listed on your CV, and be ready to answer questions about information that you have listed on your CV. If you have your qualifications listed online in an Expert Witness directory, be sure that you are aware of what is listed, becasue they can see that info too. You may be asked questions such as:

  • How did you become an expert in this subject?
  • What training or education do you have that qualifies you as an expert?
  • Who else has certified or licensed you?
  • Who else has endorsed or approved your credentials?
  • How often do you testify as an expert witness?

3) Prepare Yourself for Cross Examination

Be prepared for cross-examination by opposing counsel. In cross-examination, your testimony will be questioned or challenged by the opposing attorney. Prepare yourself with possible questions they might ask during their cross-examination, and think about how you would respond to those questions before they are asked during trial. Think about how your testimony could impact the jury's decision. Make sure that you know what evidence the other side has against you and how they plan to use it. If possible, talk with your attorney about any information they have in advance so that he or she can prepare an effective cross-examination on your behalf.

4) Practice your Presentation Skills

Once you know who your audience will be at trial, practice giving your testimony so that you can be comfortable with the process. This will make it easier to speak clearly, confidently and effectively when you are called upon to testify in court. When you practice, make sure that you have someone who can give you feedback on your presentation. This person should be familiar with the case and able to help guide your testimony so it is clear and concise. You can also practice in front of a mirror, or video record yourself, so you can see how others will see you.

5) Prepare Your Appearance

Wear your best clothes to court, as you will be judged by the way that you present yourself. If possible, have someone who is familiar with fashion help you pick out an outfit that will make a good impression on the jury members. The attorney you are working with may give you specific information on how they may want you to dress.

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